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Benefits of Water fed pole window cleaning system

Water fed pole

Window cleaning industry is developing as many others over periods of time. One of most important developments is the way how the window cleaning is being done in 21st century.

To clean windows by traditional way requires ladder, clothes, squegee. It took lots of time and effort to get job done.

We will share with you all you need to know about water fed pole window cleaning and why is it better way to clean windows this way.

What is Water fed pole system? (how its work).

The water fed pole is a long extendable pole with a specialized bristled brush head made for especially window cleaning that loosens dirt from glass. the hose connected, feeds purified, deionized water from water tank to the brush head to clean windows from all dirt. when the windows are cleaned, then windows will dry naturally to sparkling clean finish. (no need any wiped with clothes).

Using this latest technology makes window cleaning less expensive, easier and safer.

What are the benefits?

No need to use ladders: by using WFP system, we don't need to use any buckets, climb high on ladder, disturb your privacy on top floors where the bedrooms are. Avoiding any tool falling from ladder.

Long reach: Most properties have more than ground floor, we can reach all windows including skylights from the safety of the ground. That allow us work more efficient. If customer had Conservatory build, it was very hard if not impossible to reach those windows above it. Now we can reach those windows without any issues.

No detergent: As water fed poles use only pure water, there is no detergent to rinse off. This whay is Eco friendly. Water comes from the ground and is returned to the ground.

Safety: Sometimes even the best technicians can have accidents. Working from the ground safe us from the ladders, having Injury and damaging something on customer property.

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