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We offering professional regular Commercial window cleaning service in Swindon, Chippenham, Corsham, Devizes, Calne. You can book 4, 6 or 8 weekly cleans. We using long reach water fed poles with Pure water which Guarantee sparkling, strike free result. To book regular window cleaning service please use our form, send us email to: or contact us on 07449 693952

Commercial Window Cleaning

Professional Commercial Window Cleaners in Swindon

Pure Windows Window Cleaning Company” is a trustworthy window cleaning service provider in Swindon, which has a great deal to offer to all those who want to hire professional window cleaners, whose skills and expertise will fulfil any business owner’s expectations.

Depending on the type of windows and the height of the building, our commercial window cleaners are prepared and eqipped to perform the cleaning procedure that will be most effective, without violating the health and safety legislation. Our commercial window cleaning team can conduct:

Traditional window cleaning

When the window cleaners are set to clean the part of the window that is on the inside or work on windows which are on the ground level of the building, they are using the traditional the traditional methods of cleaning vertical glass surfaces. But what distinguishes professional window cleaning service from the average job a non-specialist will do, is the level of competence and the attention to detail. We complete the procedure by using a squeegee, a window cleaning applicator and eco-friendly window cleaning products which will ensure streak-free windows.

Commercial window cleaning for a clean building and a great first impressions

Professional Commercial Window Cleaners in Swindon

We use all the most modern items of equipment when it comes to cleaning your windows, such as water-fed poles and purified water. However, just because we take this modern approach, it doesn’t mean we skimp on the traditional things that matter, such as making sure we do a thoroughly professional job.


Not only will your windows shine as if they have just been installed, we will also make sure that the frames and sills are completely clean. By keeping all aspects of your windows clean, it will severely increase the lifetime of your installation.

As well as cleaning your windows, we can offer a range of additional cleaning services. We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your gutters free of debris – stagnant water attracts insects and all kinds of other unwanted pests, plus the overflows from blocked gutters can cause significant water damage to your building.


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